New Central Business District planned for Pattaya in the area of Bali Hai Pier

A new central business district is planned for Pattaya along with the further development of the Bali Hai Pier.
The meeting was held today in Pattaya and was led by the Pattaya City Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Eakkasing.
The meeting concluded that the area of development of the Bali Hai Pier has been chosen to be the New Central Business District (New CBD) in Pattaya.The Bali Hai Pier will be developed as a center of transportation both for domestic and international travelers.

The New Central Business District (New CBD) will consist of Tram stations, an improved tourist pier and a yacht port to support more tourists in the future.

Department stores will be connected with Tram stations and the Pattaya Walking Street in South Pattaya. The idea is to boost tourism by connecting businesses with convenient transportation.

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